We are proud to announce that as of March 2021, we are changing our brand name from Little Workbox to X Workbox.

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Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner uses an electric motor that spins a fan and creates a region of low pressure inside its pipe, and the outside air pushes dust and dirt into the pipe.

Robo Fish

Pet fish are a lot of fun, but there's one problem: they don't live very long. Robo Fish are electronic fish that swim just like a real fish thanks to their lifelike tail fin motion.

Motor Robot

Electric motors are one of the most fascinating inventions of the twentieth century. They leverage the power of induction to create motion from electricity.

Buzz Wire Game

Buzz wire is a challenging and competitive game where you are playing the number of touches against time. The player has to find the right balance between speed and skill in order to obtain a successful score.

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Our customers love us!


San Clemente, CA

I was looking for STEM based projects for my two children ages 8 and 7. They loved this and it was really neat to see the three different products we received in our first project. Highly recommend if you are looking for an at home that develops more skills.


Coquille, OR

What ten year old likes sitting at the school desk doing work? Not too many but this monthly build is the amazing bait that hangs in the balance for getting the school work done. Two weeks of work and the new build arrives and the young engineers mind seriously focuses on the hands on experience to design and build.


Omaha, NE

Got a 3-month subscription for our almost 7-yr old daughter who loves to build, and she was ecstatic when she opened the first box! She got 3 simple robots to build, and HAD to build the crawl bot on the first night. She's trying to patiently space out building the others so she can share and show them to her best friend.


Indianola, WA

This is a well thought out kit with quality parts. Everything worked well and the clear instructions with photos also gives a good explanation of the dynamics of air movement.


Baltimore, MD

My 9 year old son and 8 year old nephew love it! The projects are pretty simple with detailed instructions. They both required a little assistance. I'm not complaining though, it's a nice way to spend some time with the boys! We'll definitely be continuing our subscription.


Helens, OR

Such a great subscription box. I wasn’t planning on starting a subscription but I was so impressed. They really are fun projects for kids and very good price! Customer service is great as well. I highly recommend!


Burke, VA

My 9 year old had a blast filming himself opening his box and putting all 3 of his robots together. He spent approximately 4 hours total on the projects, then over an hour playing with the robots and racing them across the kitchen. After several failed attempts at subscription boxes for screen free educational fun, I think we finally found the one that will hold his interest.

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